Mail Receiving Service

KeysIt’s not just a mailbox, it’s Mail Boxes Etc. We help you meet your daily business challenges with a comprehensive set of services that can be tailored to meet your needs.

Your convenience comes first. Because your business never sleeps, we provide 24 hour access to your mailbox. This is just one of the special features of doing business at our Mail Boxes Etc. Centre.

If you’re out of town for an extended trip, we’ll cover the bases by holding your mail or forwarding it to you. You can also avoid needless trips to check your mailbox. Simply call in to see if any mail you’re looking for has arrived.

No matter what size mailbox you get, we can receive virtually any sized package. We can also receive deliveries from almost any carrier. That means all of your packages and overnight letters will be delivered and held in a secure location, even when you’re not available to sign for them.

Your MBE mailbox is also a fax. You can use our fax number to receive important faxes and we’ll call you when they arrive. We can even forward them to another destination as you require.

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Receive your mail, packages, courier shipments and faxes all in one place at Mail Boxes Etc.