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MBE CanWest also offers the services of a professional web designer to assist you in putting together your website presence from initial planning to graphic design to page layout to special features integration to search engine optimization. Most sites are built using html, css (cascading style sheets), cgi, JavaScript and meta tags. Some sample web site projects by our "web guy" are shown below, projects include a b&b, vacation rental, computer store, chamber of commerce, florist, and outdoor furniture manufacturer among others
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The ConsulateThe Consulate - A Historic B&B ... www.theconsulateongoldstream.com
Initially MBE designed and printed business cards for this bed and breakfast that is located in a historic pagoda styled house. The web site design focuses on the pagoda shaped logo and the background image was based on the coloured textured paper used on the business cards. This provides a consistent recognizable feel to The Consulate's identity.


Talfan Evans Paving StoneTalfan Evans Paving Stone Design & Installation ... www.stonetaffy.com
The focus of this web site was an online portfolio of projects by Talfan Evans. It is mostly made up of multiple thumbnail galleries linking to large photos. Most of the web site was influenced by Talfan's Welsh heritage, from the the word "taffy" in stonetaffy.com to the elements of the Welsh flag (red dragon sitting midway over a white and a green section) being used in the navigation frame always visible at the bottom of the window. This design then influenced the new business cards.


Lakeside Hyde Away
Lakeside Hyde Away ... www.lakesidehydeaway.com

The site design for this lakefront cabin rental is very photographic to show off its gorgeous location on Langford Lake.


Victoria's West Shore Chamber of Commerce ... westshore.bc.ca
West Shore Chamber of CommerceThe West Shore site is Larry's ongoing community volunteer project. While this site has
a fully searchable interface of Chamber members, the bulk of this massive site is its Community based sections such as Island Parks & Fun, Island Books & Music, Events Calendar, Recipes, large lists of Links and much more. The site uses multiple Access databases allowing for easy updates of repetitive information, it also uses the Cold Fusion application server to interface easily with the databases. MBE provides various printing services to the Chamber including their newsletter, The Shore Line (which is published by our web designer).


Mountain.WebMountain.Web ... mountainweb.ca/webrock/
Mountain.Web provides complete web site design and development services, graphic design for print, and multimedia CD production. The main "Web Rock" site shown here emphasizes the colours and textures of rock and stone. Larry works with MBE on various projects including various web sites, the West Shore Chamber's newsletter (see above) and Mountain.Web's business cards.


Sneakers ComputersSneakers Computers ... www.sneakerscomputers.com
The Sneakers Computers site has constantly evolved. The latest version kept the icon style buttons from previous versions but little else with a fresher look and a switch to blue as the main colour. The site is powered by a Cold Fusion/MySQL database combination. The site also has a custom backend interface allowing Sneakers to update large amounts of content regularly. MBE CanWest uses Sneakers computers in the store and have provided various printing services such as their franchise package.


Petals Plus FloristPetals Plus Florist ... www.petalsplus.com OR www.victoriaflowerstogo.com
The Petals Plus folks professed their love of orchids and bamboo, and they suggested the green and purple colours. The green background began as a photo of bamboo stalks which was morphed into its textured look. The purple "window" also makes use of bamboo imagery and has the impressive orchid as a focal point. The site includes a complete cgi shopping cart which allows them to securely take online orders from
around the world which are then shipped through the FTD and Teleflora networks.


Classic Cedar Garden FurnitureClassic Cedar Garden Furniture ... www.classiccedar.com
Western Red Cedar is the material used for all of Classic Cedar's outdoor furniture, gazebos and decks, so it was only fitting that the design of the site made liberal use of wood imagery. The left area is a tiled photo of sanded and stained cedar. The right area is a tiled photo of cedar bark taken on the webmaster's property. The buttons also use a wood texture and have a fun mouseover effect. Throughout the site you will find great photos of and specs on all the products.


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